Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Beautiful Creatures (2013)


Beautiful Creatures (2013) Adapted from the novel, tells the story of Lena Duchannes as she approaches her 16th birthday. Lena was born into a family of castors, which is the politically correct term for witches, who either follow the dark or the light. Men in their family can overcome their natures, but the women find out which side they are on at 16. I’ve met a few girls who turned evil at that age, but later turned back to the light. Maybe that was just hormones. Anyways Lena is befriended by a local boy who reads all the banned books from the local library, which stands out from the other local right-wing crazy christians that just love Jesus but act crazy and hateful.

This story of good vs. evil is set in the deep south and manages to evoke the style of a southern gothic romance. It is a solid drama / romance with good acting, a great setting, and some interesting special effects and magic. [rating=3]


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures (2013)

  1. I’ll have to check this movie out! Check out The Giant Mechanical Man on Netflix Streaming. It’s a great quirky romantic movie! Let me know what you think… Love that you are now blogging all your recommendations. It’s genius!

    1. Thanks for the tip Bekah. I have added it to my Netflix streaming queue. Also thanks for all the blog advise.

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