Booksmart (2019)

Booksmart (2019)

The two smartest girls in high school are on a mission: They want to make up for all the lost time spent studying the last four years by attending the school’s dopest party the night before graduation. What could go wrong? Ok, I’m not going to answer my own rhetorical question; you have to watch the movie to see what goes wrong. But I will say what goes right.

First, this film is laugh-out-loud funny. Yes, it does have the obligatory gross-out scene and does stereotype nerds and jocks and other high school denizens. But while doing it, it is never mean; it really has a lot of affection for them all.

Second, our two protagonists have a friendship like we all wished we had in high school. They are two friends that have spent so much time together that they know each other like an old married couple but without all the aches and pains and grumbling.

Third, the directing and photography are on point, which is amazing since this is the directorial debut for actress Olivia Wilde. I’m sure she’s got other great movies in store for us all.

So do we really need another teen movie? I guess we do.

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