Six “Crazy Guy” Movies via Netflix streaming

Six “Crazy Guy” Movies via Netflix streaming



The great thing about streaming is if you don’t like it, you can bail. Here are six Netflix streaming movies I watched all the way through. I am not saying they are good, just that I liked them.

Safety Not Guaranteed – Is he crazy? Is he a genius? You have to watch to the end to find out.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home – He is a clueless loser stoner, but pot allows him to see “the fundamental interconnectedness of all things”.

Bernie – Everyone really likes this guy. So why would he kill a nice old lady?

Our Idiot Brother – Another loser, or is he? Ok he is, but he’s still very nice.

Happy Accidents – Is he really from the future? Or is he crazy? It doesn’t matter cause he’s in love.

Sleepwalk with Me – And I thought my life was weird and crazy.


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