Her (2013)

Her (2013)


Her (2013)

“Her” is a love story, but not one you’ve heard before. It’s a sure thing you’ve seen a movie about a boy and his dog, or even about a girl and her horse. But a love story about a boy and his computer is not nearly as creepy as you might think.

In “her” we are immersed in a highly believable and not-so-distant future. Details have been removed except those essential to the viewer.  The object of desire is a disembodied voice brought to us by the magic of technology. This tale is made simpler without the distraction of a pretty girl and her physical beauty. The phrase “she has a great personality” is not derogative in this case, but accurate, and at the heart of the story.

“Her” asks some profound questions via a complicated scenario. It’s not preachy and doesn’t even draw any obvious conclusions, except to say “love is rare, powerful, and worth fighting for”. “Her” is entertaining story telling and one of my favorites of 2013. [rating=4]

Rated R for language, sexual content and brief graphic nudity.


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